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  • 14th Lane and Dadebu Street, Osu, Accra
    09 Jan 2017

    Burger and Relish is located in the heart of Accra at OSU. Corner 14th Lane and Dadebu St. The second location is in East Legon in A&C Mall. You have the option to sit outside, inside in their comfortable booth tables, or at other various areas inside the restaurant. If you want to use the wifi, it is best to sit at a booth.

    No!!! Burger and Relish has a variety of food and different snacks to try. From fried pickles to jollof rice balls, and even churros. But since it is mainly a burger joint, you will find a variety of different types of yummy burgers there. Their cheesy mac-n-cheese is a favourite.

    There is a burger is called The Boss and it’s a double decker patty with deep fried pickles, bacon and cheddar. You will be able to find normal cocktails and a fully stocked bar.

    Burgers and Relish is a lively place in Osu and East Legon with amazing food. It’s the first gourmet Burger place of its kind in Accra. If you are alone, on a date, or with a group of friends it’s definitely worth stopping by and checking out.

  • The Blowfish Hotel, 17 Oju Olobun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    09 Oct 2016

    La Veranda is on a cute terrace in The Blow Fish Hotel. You have the option of sitting on the terrace where you get a nice view of the street, and of the hotel poolside. At night it is very pretty when it’s lit up. As you’d expect of an Italian Restaurant they have an extensive menu of pastas and pizzas, plus some other Italian inspired niceties. We went for their Spaghetti Carbonara (4,900 NGN), and it was really good. Our dish came with slices of toasted bread and a side of pate and chilli sauce. You know that feeling when the conversation stops and all you can hear is slurping of pasta, clanking of forks and silence. Yup! that was us, You’ll find the usual wines, juices and of course chapman (1,500 NGN)

    The Blowfish is such a lovely space with a relaxing atmosphere and you get those exact vibes at La Veranda and the food was really good as well.

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