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  • Riverplate Park, 147 Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2, Abuja
    06 Aug 2018

    Started off well. The ambience was the best outdoor spot I have seen in Abuja (for now). I went here for a date and ordered for spicy chicken wings. I almost blurted out laughing when I received boiled peppered chicken with a flurry of fresh onions on top. Ate this before my date arrived. I thought my sadness was over till I ordered BBQ pizza. The dough was undone, burnt and crunchy. I didn't know if I was eating pizza or biscuits. Please explain to me how BBQ translates to shredded chicken, because that was what we received, and a bottle of BBQ sauce. More onions. More fresh onions. The thin crust was so thin, the sauce was blended tomatoes, and I;m not even sure the sweet corn was cooked. We struggled to eat it and then had to leave half of the pan to order for burgers. My God! Stale sesame buns, half-fried chicken that was begging for mercy. More onions. I was honestly furious. If not that I got stopped, I wanted to give the management a piece of my mind. Oh, I forgot to add how salty the fries were. Like, I could feel the salt on my finger tips.

    Alright, we wanted to leave and spent the next 10 minutes begging for a bill, which was a handwritten note, only for the manager (i think) to come tell us the POS isn't working and I would have to run a transfer from my phone. My e-banking platform isn't activated, so we sat there stuck for 5 minutes, cause there was no bank in the area. I then had to ask for the POS machine to, you know, try and see if it by the gods would spare me more anger, and luckily, it worked.

    Worst Experience Ever! I will never ever ever return, and I would not advise anyone to come within 10ft of this establishment.

    P.S. Even Dominos or Pizza Place isn't this bad.

    Sam N

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