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Paul Baffour Adansi Nkansa

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  • Airport City Shell, Airport Bypass Road, Airport City, Accra
    14 Nov 2020

    I want you to be aware of the total chaotic way in which orders were being handled in the process after getting home which is in Aplaku near the west hills mall we realized that 2 king burgers were not supplied even though we had paid for them. The staff were bumping into each other and they were even shouting at one another. Whiles using the coupons to make the order the caterer failed to count pack our burgers. We will come back for a refund or collect the burger in question. My wife has emailed you with a copy of the receipt. We suggest that henceforth the items be packed in front of the client instead of far from our gaze. Having called our number they commenced to serving other 1105 1106 1104 were all served before ours were called at which point a look in drive thru you could see a big pile up of cars lined up waiting their turn.
    Proper management is required or division of task as against the total chaos that we saw, If those serving are incapable of carrying out their duty they should be fired and more experienced people brought in. Our order number is 1104 expect me there either on Monday or during the week to collect it. We accept that this was a busy day but where enough space is not provided for customers to comfortably check their order against the receipt which is taken by the caterer is unacceptable

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