• The Ivory Place, 42 Birao Street, Off Ademola Adetokumbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
    14 Sep 2018

    Well it’s all about the Ivory place, a go to place more for a 5 star dining experience, quiet, the mood, ambience all great. Situated at the heart of the Federal capital territory Wuse2, easy to locate. The outdoor seating had the view of the city which to me was more than cool.

    The menu had all the great cuisine,I could hardly come up with a choice of what to eat but,I and my friends ended up going healthy and we did the salads and we all had 3 different salads, I had the Cesar chicken salad with croutons and the pleasure of tasting out of the sea food and avocado salad and trust me it was to die for👌. The hurricane cocktail which was on the sweet side is deff to re order when next there. Overall experience was a very good one.

    Menu prices are on the high side

    No much waiting for food, definitely every ones restaurant prayer

  • 66 Evo Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
    14 Sep 2018

    A stop at the grill house today, South 66 was all was needed for a chilled catch up day with my sweetheart☺️

    South 66,a go to place for casual hangouts with friends or after work with colleagues or with the kids to have nice milkshakes😫

    For me I had the chicken wrap and trust me,no chicken wrap beats the one I had,it was simple and yum with a twist which was the cheese in it🙌 that wrap was made in heaven, on the side was the sweet potatoes fries,I usually love the red one but still on I couldn’t fault this one,it was crisp and pricy for that portion.

    Fortunately my friend had the same thing I had so no much review on the food but just goes to tell you it’s a must order chicken wrap when you visit😁

    What i love the most about the grill house was the fact I could relax and chat to my friend like I was at home with the view of the guys at the courtyard playing basket ball👌 and other sports, which brings me to say the grill has got the front pouch with lovely wooden seats and table,if you are craving the sun you can’t seat and have the view of the cars and people passing outside or you can actually just walk in and have the normal restaurant setting and guess what there’s free WiFi 😁,and then you have the back seat out with the court view,that was where I sat and it’s my fav place.

    The pricing for the food is affordable for everyone so no excuse why not to head there for a relaxing day or evening

  • 24 Forces Avenue, Old GRA, Port Harcourt
    14 Sep 2018

    Who’s up for Chinese any time pls? 🙋🏽‍♀️

    Took a trip to Asia town today, a home away from home I would say,I love it there. The homely feel,the atmosphere is welcoming, a well thought out restaurant.

    Food- I started with the chicken and vegetable spring roll,it’s a must have,it is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and it went with spicy sauce ,it was a taste made in heaven. Then the drinks, I had the green lemonade and angels delight which was a mixture of some fine liquor to give it that pinkish look,it tastes amaze balls.

    The main course was the house special fried rice and chicken fried rice which to me looked and tasted the same very way basmati rice do with just a lil twist with sweet chilli sauce and spicy black bean sauce and they were true to their taste, it was filling.i would advice if you are a party of two,a bowl is enough for you and even if you are a party of 3,if you eat like me,it would go round for all three 😁.

    I had the privilege of the chef make me his own special salad,i didn’t even ask what the name was but that salad tasted all good that everyone on the table wanted to the last of it. If you visit and you want the salad maybe you tell them what it consists of and they would pull through for you,it had cucumber,tomatoes,onion and these funny green leaves with a lemon vinegar olive dressing😁

    I always eat and never make it for dessert😩 sorry guys.

    Overall I would visit again like usual. The waiters are polite and welcoming. And they make you feel relaxed.The price for the food is relatively okay,you wouldn’t break a bank to have lunch or dinner there for a 5star to me restaurant👌

    Very neat place,from the moment you enter to your table space and to even the bathroom,everywhere neat. The menu variety is good,there’s plenty to choose from which to me is good.

    It’s your go to for fine dining experience, lunch,meetings - Thank me later

  • 43 Libreville Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
    14 Sep 2018

    Let me walk you through this wonderful experience I had in the capital city.... I’ve been hearing the buzz about Metrocafe... hhhmmm I had to go see for myself and I must say the buzz is worth it👌

    Firstly I must give accolades to the chefs over there, they won’t ruin that place for the owner,lol.... food was amaze balls, I had for starters this honey glazed wings and o my days it was gooood😩 all shades of perfect and then I had the rosemary sour cocktail and it was almost like the Long Island cocktail,couldn’t fault it.. my main meal was spaghetti bolognese with meatballs and steak meats... o lawd next to best thing pls,the tomatoes sauce was rich and the portion size was big I couldn’t even finish it, I had to take out😫 there was no room left for desert but I’m guessing it would have gone down well too.. my partner had the steak sauce and rice and I definitely had to have a taste of it to tell you all how it was and the sauce was not too spicy and it was rich and it came out sizzling😁

    The ambience is lovely, very neat and arranged space and it’s big one too, can be used for birthday dinners or special dinner occasion and good side for a go to lunch place,the waiters are very professional and pay attention to details.

    The pricing over there is affordably okay. Metrocafe is definitely worth another visit

  • 14 Tombia street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
    14 Sep 2018

    My trip down to the corner store cafe situated in the government residential area of Port harcourt...very very relaxing place,warmly feel, very comfortable that I almost forgot myself😁 deep rooted in my chit chats.

    Food: the cafe had really few but tasty finger foods ranging from chicken wings to sandwiches to wraps to fries, I had the opportunity of tasting the wings and it was very lovely and spicy. The cafe deals more with drinks, beverages, cocktails. i had some and it was top notch👌

    Prices: that’s the only thing,over here to me I feel it’s a lil pricey on the cocktails, ₦4K for a Long Island cocktail 🙀 but it’s definitely up to the standards of the place.

    The services there were exceptional and the staff were very professional and They made me feel comfortable.


    It’s deff a one to revisit

    If you all visit port harcourt,make sure you visit the corner store cafe.

  • 3 Louis Drive, Off Abacha road, Opp Nextime Supermarket, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
    14 Sep 2018

    Hi guys, So I’ll be reviewing this not so new spot called @woodhouse_cafe situated in the heart of Port harcourt city. Let me first of all gosh about the interiors of this cafe,so as the name implies,it had the woody feel to it, the designers did a good one on this.. Port harcourt first of its kind and I made sure I visited and I wasn’t disappointed.

    The food is literally to die for, my best go to is the English breakfast,it sure took me back to the English land😩, yum yum,then the juicy burger I had the beef and it was cooked to perfection. Fresh meals so normal you’d have to wait for a few mins.

    My only issue which I spoke to the waiter was,in the menu book the salad comes as a meal but when served it came in a small bowl and I wondered, that was a really small bowl of salad that could serve as a side to a main meal😏.

    The Ambience is inviting,you could walk in for lunch hour or even have meetings over light food there,it can go for a lil get together with friends. The waiters are professionals at their job.

    Guess what guys, the prices are affordable. Classy food yet affordable, hhhmm I must commend the owner🙂.


    It’s deff a place to visit more often.

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