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  • 15A Marine Road, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos
    15 Apr 2017

    If anyone interested to eat cockroach with other insect please visit this restaurant

    Went along with my colleagues to ORCHID HOUSE - THAI RESTAURANT, 15 Marine road Apapa Lagos.
    Found cockroach in rice and same was conveyed to the Restaurant staff and they cleared our plates without wasting time. Waiter came with the bill immediately stating that we have to pay the bill. We took the bill and generously went to the Asian lady (we were ready to pay the entire bill excluding rice item) who was handling the desk asking about the incident which happened few minutes back and she started claiming that it was not their mistake and don't know who put the cockroach in the dish and customer need to pay for dishes which they order. Another waiter (pic attached) was very nonsense, arrogant started arguing with us that we need to pay entire bill (zero manners / zero hospitality).
    Finally we decided it's better stop arguing with illiterate guys and pay the bill. So we paid the entire bill and buzz off.

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