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Jevinik Restaurant (Wuse 2)

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494 Bangui Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
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Jevinik Restaurant (Wuse 2) located in Abuja has over 25 years in business and has acquired ample culinary experience to serve you with homemade mouth-watering African-style delicacies in a cozy environment and at a reasonable price. Jevinik’s unique style of cooking is boundless, as our wide range of meals cut across cultures in Nigeria and Africa.

Let’s take you on a ride to CALABAR with our specially prepared Efik dishes such as Abak, Afang Edikang Ikong, Editang, Afia Efera and many more. Every day is a new day with our DAILY SPECIALS. We get creative in the preparation of our bespoke specials like Mama’s delight, Fisherman soup, Uziza soup, Snail soup, White soup, Eforiro and Banga.

Feel free to ‘GO LOKO’ with our Local delicacy menu which includes Ishiewu, Abacha, Nkwobi, Ugba, Ukwa, Yam & Pepper soup.

With over 10 branches in 5 major cities in Nigeria, we mean business. Our team of highly skilled and efficient staff strength guarantees your satisfaction as you dine with us.


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    I know this might be some kind of travesty..but since arriving in Abuja over a year ago, I have never eaten at any Jevinik Restaurant Abuja location. Everyone has always said how huge their food portions were and how inexpensive the food was, so my colleague Dele decided to help me break my Jevnik virginity.

    We decided on the Wuse 2 location close to Food City since it was more central and he warned me that we had to order swallow and soup to get the best deal and value for money. I am not a huge fan of eating swallow outside the comfort of my home, I like to be able to unzip my jeans and tie my wrapper and truly enjoy the meal. However, I relented today and once we arrived and were seated, we made our orders. I wanted Pounded Yam with White soup but they didn’t have either so I ordered the Semo with Okro Soup (N1650) , my friends ordered the native soup N600 ( Which after tasting I will definitely get next time) and Oha soup. We decided to get two wraps of semo between the three of us because the swallow portions are quite huge.

    I don’t know if I like the restaurant setup, it just looks like a big hall with chairs and tables set up, it was a bit overwhelming. Apparently there is a VIP section upstairs which I don’t understand if they use the same entrance and exit as everyone else. Oh and there was daily specials menu with none of the specials available

    The food arrived quite quickly and I have to say, I was so impressed with the Okro soup..first of all its was huge! and the okro chunks were still a bit crunchy but not too much..and it was chuck full of meat and stockfish. My eyes were eating faster than my hands basically. I had a bit of the native soup and it was so good, it had a bit of a banga soup taste to it. The oha was alright, I didn’t find it fantastic and it was bit too watered down.

    I can’t speak too highly of the service, besides taking our order the waiter was not very attentive but I guess you cant expect special service at a big restaurant like that…

    So I have officially lost my Jevnik virginity..do I regret it? Of course not..it was cheap and so filling. I could barely move. Definitely worth more visits, apparently the Garki locations cooks better so maybe I will try them next time.

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