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Rice Bowl (Gwarinpa)

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Third Avenue, Opp Mr Biggs, Gwarinpa, Abuja
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Reviews for Rice Bowl (Gwarinpa)

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    Since Gwarinpa is the new Wuse 2 (keep your opinion in your pocket), I decided to check out Rice Bowl Gwarinnpa on 3rd avenue of course so I decided to check it out and compare with the Wuse 2 location.

    So apparently, the Tulip Bistro in Gwarinpa closed and it was converted to Rice Bowl so when i entered I was kind of surprised at the nice furniture but then it dawned on me that it was the old Tulip (which i still have never been to so if any nice gentlemen want to take me )

    Anyway, I ordered the Lunch Bowl (Jollof rice, 2 meat (chicken and beef) and a side salad) and drink (water or soda) for ₦2000. The last time I went to Rice Bowl read here , the meal was ₦2500 so i guess the Gwarinpa location is cheaper. Though that meal had plantains sha maybe that was the ₦500. Anyway its kind of a canteen style setting so you eat immediately you order. The rice I got was a bit overspiced (I don’t know if its the Jollof Rice seasoning or something) but it was still edible, it also had bits of potatoes in it which was strange but I rolled with it.

    The chicken was decent, I couldn’t decide if it was grilled or fried though. The size was definitely reduced from last time and the shredded beef sauce was nothing to write home about really. The side salad was over doused with salad cream, I like my cream on the side because really what is the point of getting a salad if its swimming in salad cream. I do like that they put little bits of apples in them though.

    Service was blah, waitress girl was on the phone the whole time and looked like she was waiting for me to leave so she can really gist properly.

    I don’t know how much longer the restaurant will last in Gwarinpa though, i was the only customer there for about 2 and half hours.

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