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Southern Fried Chicken

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Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi, Abuja
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Reviews for Southern Fried Chicken

  • Delivery was fast but cold. Why was it cold? Did not enjoy it @ all

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    There is a new Southern Fried Chicken in Jabi close to my office so I thought why not? I think I have only had their food once before and I really enjoyed the spicy chicken I had then. Since they had just opened, the line to order food was quite long and service was a bit slow. The restaurant’s layout is not bad, its pretty much a chain joint so you can’t expect anything fancy i guess. They do a good job with marketing their meals with the pictures and all. So I ordered the Fried Rice with Spicy BBQ wings, coleslaw and a chicken pie (don’t judge this baby girl was hungry!)

    The food took about 15-20 mins and they don’t actually serve you, you just go up and pick it up from the counter. Its all good though…not every time fancy eating tins. The rice was quite good, the vegetables were fresh and the Chicken was yum! I just wish the pieces were not so small..I ordered the 6 pack but after eating I wish i ordered at least 12. The only thing I was not too impressed with was the coleslaw. There was something off about the taste and vegetables. Also can i get my food on a real plate though?, like what is this Styrofoam mess?

    The chicken pie was straight too though I have had better. ( I personally swear by the pastries stand at Shoprite , their price is right and my belly is always happy).

    SFC is basically like KFC with better chicken (yea i said it)..they don’t have swallow and all that either so don’t go there looking for ewedu soup.

    Anyway, its nice to have some variety in the area finally besides that NASTY NASTY Mr.Biggs by the Ecobank that serves stank attitude for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eww!

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