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The Charcoal

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Penthouse, 112 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
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Probably the best burgers you've ever had! We do grills too!


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    I have been to Charcoal Grill many times and somehow I always forget to do a review, but this time I remembered.

    I had a day off from work and was supposed to meet someone at Charcoal for a meeting (so much for a day off work). I actually spent a long time at Charcoal that day; like most of the afternoon. I really like the way this place is set up. When you walk in there is the café area then there is a dining area for larger groups and then an outside balcony area that is shaded to protect you from this horrendous Abuja sun. I sat at the café area…although I walked around the whole place before I decided on it.

    I love how they give you free popcorn as a starter. I finished it super quick. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted breakfast food or a burger. I came there with the intent of getting their spicy pancakes that are filled with minced meat, but the burgers kept calling me. I finally decided on the Spiced Lamb Burger (₦2500) which comes with fries ( I got sweet potato fries) and water to drink. I wanted to still get the spicy pancakes, but although I was hungry, I knew it would be too much food. I killed my lamb burger. It was delicious. I think they could have given me a bit more of the fries, but oh well. After eating, I got super sleepy and my meeting hadn’t even started plus I still had work to do. I decided to get a Flat White coffee (₦550) to wake me up. What goes better with coffee than cake, right? Yep, I ordered a slice of lemon cake. I was a bit skeptical about the cake at first because I asked if it was made today and the waitress said they made it last night. I had said no I didn’t want it, but it kept eyeing me so I got it and it was great!! A tad bit too sweet but it still tasted fresh and moist. My tummy was very satisfied that afternoon.

    Customer service wasn’t the best. The waitress kept acting like I was bugging her (the usual). Sometimes she tried to be nice, but she would have such an attitude saying stuff. Oh, and she would just go MIA. Each table had service buzzers to be able to call the waiter/waitress, but for mine, I’d have to press it a million times before she would finally come. I opted to just stand up and go looking for her instead.

    All in all, I had a good dining experience to which I normally always do when I am there. I highly recommend Charcoal.

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