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The Quarter Cafe

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  • 0818 414 4444
6 Tapeta Street, off Thaba Tseka Street, British Village, Wuse 2, Abuja
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Reviews for The Quarter Cafe

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    2 reviews

    Great service, food and people. Wether it be hosting meetings with business associates or dropping in for a tasty breakfast, QC has delivered time and time again. I recently hosted a pretty important group of business partners from overseas and the owner gave us the best service. This has quickly become my go to neighborhood joint.

    Personal favorites: the American Breakfast (w/waffles), the lasagne, and pineapple lemonade :-)

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    Finally! I made it to Quarter Café. I really wish I had all good things to say about this place, but perhaps my expectations were too high. My friend and I drove past the place, because there was no sign other than the street number and name that helped locate it. My friend had to ask some people outside where it was and they pointed to the place we had just driven past. Another coded place (all you coded people, take note)! The outside area, inside the compound didn’t look as inviting, but inside looked really nice. The black and white décor was nice. They have an outside seating area (not attractive), and then inside. We picked a seat in the corner and the waitress behind the counter, soon attended to us. The place was pretty small. I don’t know why I was expecting bigger, but I like the small cosyness.

    The menu was a bit extensive so I wasn’t too sure what to get. The waitress wasn’t helpful either. My friend got an Americano with extra caramel syrup (N650) and I ordered a Chai Latte (N650). For the sake of doing a full review, I ordered some food; I asked for the the Quarter Pound Gourmet Chicken Burger (N1500). Our drinks came out first. My latte wasn’t very hot and since the room was pretty cold, it got cold really quickly and I wasn’t interested in it anymore. It tasted good though, but a bit too sweet for my taste buds. My friend said that his Americano was the mildest he’s ever had (he’s a huge coffee lover) and the cup he got was the double espresso cup (gosh, you can’t please some folks hehehe).

    When the waitress brought my food, I had to look at the menu again to remember what I ordered. So instead of my Quarter Pound Gourmet Chicken Burger, it seemed I got the Mini Chicken Burgers with Fries (N2000). Burger is burger right? I don’t like to complain about my food and the waitress, although polite enough, looked like we were disturbing her quiet time. The fries looked nicer than they tasted. They were sprinkled with some type of seasoning which since I wasn’t given any ketchup or similar dipping sauce, I thought it would be ok like that and so I managed it. The burgers, although mini, were actually filling. It seemed like the bun for the burger was heated up or grilled too much. It wasn’t burnt or anything but, you know how bread can be when you put it in the microwave for a minute too long and leave it to cool then it becomes hard in some places? Well that’s how my bread was. It was soft around and hard in the middle. I still ate it though *shrugs*.

    Maybe I should have just stuck with the things I had been seeing on social media i.e. the breakfast food, waffles, etc. I haven’t written this place off yet though, I want to go back and try their American breakfast. I know I’m probably part of a very low percentage of people who didn’t completely love this place on first visit, but at least I’ve said I will still go back.

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