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Debonairs Pizza (Awolowo Road)

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  • 0816 777 4444
  • 0807 090 9090
75 Mobil Filling Station, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
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    ₦ 5,000 for 2 persons (approx.)


Debonairs Pizza (Awolowo Road, Lagos), a global food brand made its entry into Nigeria in 2011 and is popular place for delicious American style pizza. The restaurant also offers chicken wings, real deal subz and cocktail sausages. Debonairs Pizza also runs Doughnation, where leftover pizza dough is made into flatbreads to feed millions more.

Most of all, they knew their pizza had to be amazing; because it was made for people just like them. Debonairs Pizza - Made for Nigeria.

So, try something unique.
Try something tasty.
Try something fresh.
Try something amazing.

Check out Debonairs Pizza and have a triple-decker or a Mexican fiesta and many more different types of pizza on Awolowo Road, IKoyi, Lagos.


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Reviews for Debonairs Pizza (Awolowo Road)

  • Extremely slow delivery. They totally messed up our office party

  • This place has extremely terrible service. I made an order during which I was asked to text my address for the delivery. I did. After waiting for over an hour for a delivery meant to take 45 minutes, they called to tell me the delivery guy went to a wrong address, did not find me and he went back! No calls to my phone to confirm an address that I texted to you!
    Just happened this evening.
    It is so sad that some people get employed and all they can do is find ways to ruin other people's business by their stupid sloppiness.

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    The worst debornais branch they ever had. Been eating tripple decker pizza from debornais for over 4years and for the first time yesterday and today i ordered the same menu. And they didnt make it well i complained yesterday and same thing they did today again. Nevwr going there again 11grand wasted for two rubbish so called tripple decker pizza they made.

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