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Ola Sheu Canteen

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Adejare Street, Behind Agege Stadium, Agege, Lagos
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    Dine Out, Take-away
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    • Buka / Mama Put
    • Buka-Type
    • Cash only
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    • Sun10:00 am - 08:00 pm
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    • Sun10:00 am - 08:00 pmToday
  • Cost

    ₦ 1,500 for 2 persons (approx.)

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Reviews for Ola Sheu Canteen

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    There are quite a large number of Amala joints all over the world, especially in Ibadan, Abeokuta and Lagos state. In Lagos, some of the best places to get Amala include White House, Amala Shitta, Belgium, Amala Shonola, Iya Isila and Ola Sheu.

    Today, we remembered our long time canteen where we usually have this delicious Lafun meal with “ewedu Elegusi”. Food prefect thought it was time to showcase another local delicacy around Ikeja environ, precisely Agege.

    Ola Sheu canteen is located very close to Agege stadium at one sharp koro ( corner ) like that. Immediately you pass the main Stadium gate, keep left. There is one small koro ( footpath only ) right beside a church, this leads straight to Ola Sheu Amala canteen.

    We got there around 3.30pm and the place was full of people eating different colours of Amala with different animals as toppings. One of the servers came to us after about 2 minutes and asked what we wanted. We told her we wanted to buy take away as I was not in the mood to eat there because the plan was to really dig into and analyse the “Lafun” at our secret Lab. She told us she would get the person in charge of Take away and this took almost an extra 12-15 minutes, I was already getting impatient as I hate being made to wait when I am hungry and the food isn’t free.

    Another server came after to take our order and took almost another 15 minutes before she brought our food. When eventually the food landed, we paid and left immediately for the secret Lab.
    Digging into the food, after the 1st two handfuls of Amala with Ewedu, seasoned with Egusi and very tiny pieces of Panla fish, it was obvious that the egusi soup was not well flavoured as it lacked the bite and sharpness of salt, maggi and other seasonings. Even the added stew did not taste any better.

    Nevertheless, I went on and as each handful passed, I became accustomed to the fact that I was eating half flavoured lunch. The mixture of stew and soup had too much oil in it. It made the food slightly irritating as am not very used to eating oily food. The oil was really too too much.

    Final verdict
    - Ola Sheu is a cool spot for Amala, from the looks of the canteen, it was recently renovated. Out of 10, I will rate the Amala 7 today, though we will be back some other time.
    - The staff should be more polite, remain patient and pay attention when taking orders, honestly speaking the girls there are not very smart.
    - The soup was too oily, something should be done about this as it is a major turn off for some folks.
    - The taste and seasoning of the food should be improved upon.

    I will still recommend Ola Sheu anyday as it still remains one of my top choices for all types of Amala.

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