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Samantha's Bistro & Grill

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2 Olawale Daodu (Webb) Road, off Kingsway Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
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Reviews for Samantha's Bistro & Grill

  • The compound that Samantha’s bistro is situated in isn’t the best reflection of the eatery, as it looks rather run down. Tucked in the corner, it is such a stark contrast – Samantha’s bistro is so pretty! Walking into the space, the first thing you’ll see is the pretty bar, with all the alcohol neatly decked out on the wall. Sooooo Enticing! I am a sucker for pretty and well stocked bars!

    The waiter was quick to set us at our table and aptly…. facing the bar. We were swiftly handed the menu and the little chalkboard of the daily specials! Daily specials gets me excited!! it’s like discovering a limited edition little secret.

    Reviewing the menu, there was an entire 2 pages dedicated to cocktails and drinks…….. AND… another 2 pages dedicated to BURGERS! OMG! AAAAHHHHHH!! Heaven! In Heaven!! The menu covers quite a wide continental selection, from meat grills, pizzas to burgers. Vegetarians…. Fret not, they do cater some options.

    Overall, it was a really good dining experience. The waiter was very friendly, but there were a couple of boo-boos in the service. We had to re-pick our smoothies 3 times, because we were not informed of unavailable items. Out of the 6 smoothies options, 4 were not available because bananas was not available. The specials of the day also stated “Mushroom and Leeks Pasta”, but when my pasta came, Leeks were definitely missing. Informed the service staff, but they seem unsure about the case of “missing leeks” as well. On the bright side, the cocktails and Burgers saved the day! The daiquiri i had was lovely! The burger buns was fluffy, light and wonderfully toasted! The patty was cooked perfectly moist.

    I would definitely head back again for the burgers and cocktails!

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    ok.. i'm at the place now Nov 22 2016 8:30PM
    and OMG NOOOOOOO>>>
    - Location is horrible.
    - Chairs are sooooo uncomfortable
    - Prices range from a min of Ngn900 for 8 sticks of yam fries, min Ngn1,800 for coleslaw ans max of Ngn3,000 for a chicken salad, Avg Ngn4,000 for a burger / Pizza adn Ngn 10,500 for a platter
    - NO WIFI

    Here we go...
    Scene 1
    Me: (after ordering like Ngn5,000 worth, called the waiter) Excuze me, what's the wifi password?
    excuse No.1 from female waitress: sorry ma we do not have wifi
    Me: but i see your wifi link here. see.
    Female waitress: Let me ask
    excuse No.2 from female waitress: Sorry our madame is not around,we do not know the password.
    Me:Excuse me huh?!
    ----*sigh*a few minutes later----friend arrives

    Friend (after ordering Ngn3,000 worth): excuse me do you have Wifi?
    excuse No.3 from male waitress: Sorry our wifi is down for today.
    --- Smacks hand on Head...the end---

    Scene 2
    Me: (seeing ONLY 1 cake container on the counter) excuse me, what cake is that?
    Male Waiter: ...uuuuum.. let me check ma.
    ---smacks hand on head---- There's ONLY 1 --- it's 8:30PM *sigh*
    This is pretty much how service is throughout the night.

    Scene 3:
    Me: excuse me
    Waiter comes over
    Me: Menu please (animating the opening & closing of a book with my hands)
    Waiter: blank stare, leans over
    Me: (slows down a bit with my voice) Menu please
    Waiter: sorry?
    Me: MENU!
    Waiter: ok
    --- hmmmm......should i give them another chance to redeem themselves?--- eh... why not

    Scene 4:
    Me: Excuze me, what size is your Pizza
    Waiter: it is not too small
    Me: uh... like... how do you mean?
    Waiter: (uses a pen and while drawing a circle in the air) like this...not too small sha.
    Me: EH?! can you better illustrate with the size of the plate it is served in?
    Waiter: ok. let me get it.
    ---she does get it and it made better sense-- so yey something went right this night.

    I feel so much pain for the owner and manager.
    You have a $6,000 coffee machine and i do NOT EVEN WANT to even get in to the cost and attention to detail for interior decor. So much effort was put into the AESTHETICS to attract their target crowd. a little customer Service training for your hospitality will NOT BE TOO MUCH of a spend.

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    53 reviews4 helpful votes

    While on a short visit to Lagos, I met up with a friend for brunch at Samantha’s Bistro. I’ve heard so much about this place, I was pretty happy to go when my friend suggested it. It’s location is kind of hidden. It isn’t the type of place you’d just happen to come upon on your own. You kinda have to just know where you are going. The interior was so cute. It’s a small, boutique-ish looking, comfortable seating type of place. It’s definitely a place I’d frequent if I lived in Lagos. Their menus were written on little chalkboards, which was cute, however it had smudged a bit so it was kinda hard reading some parts. Anyway, I was starving so we ordered pretty quickly.

    I ordered the Spicy Scrambled Eggs, which comes with French Toast, Bacon, and Sausage (₦3500). I got fresh pineapple juice to drink. They didn’t have the ingredients for a mimosa so I got a cocktail instead -
    Bistro Rum Lemonade (₦2500). I enjoyed my meal. The sausage was pork sausage I believe, which was yummy! I always hate the fake looking sausages other places serve. This one seemed more authentic. My friend had the same sides pretty much, but with pancakes. The pancakes were way too sweet…not a fan. It was like they used cake mix to make it. Yuck! That lemonade cocktail was gross. I can’t even explain what it tasted like. My pineapple juice wasn’t that good either. They get an F on drinks from me.

    When we got there the place had only two other guests, but it got full rather quickly as lunchtime approached. I was eyeing someone’s lunch that looked rather good. Our waiter was nice, but not attentive enough. He tried though, but I guess the busyness of the place took his time. I can’t wait to go back and try their lunch items, with water to drink.

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    19 reviews5 helpful votes

    It was relatively easy to locate. It is like having 4 restaurants in one place. Really enjoyed the outdoor space.

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    4 reviews2 helpful votes

    Best burgers in Lagos, best burger anywhere! - I always get the Ultimate. Service is great too. I once returned a club sandwich (well the Nigerian version of a club sandwich) because the bread appeared to be stale and the staff were really apologetic and the chef made me a new one immediately. Its affordable, fuss-free and great food.

  • I had been to Samantha’s with a friend before, I ordered a chicken burger with a mojito. It was really nice! Next time I ate their burger was at the GT Food and Drink Fair, I had the buttermilk chicken club. Their burgers are very good. Its prepared from scratch so its very fresh. However, you have to wait till the food gets ready. Ultimately, the food is really good. For lunch, you’ll be looking to spend at most 7000 naira, drinks included, so its fairly affordable.

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