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Stella's Kitchen

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Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos
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    Dine Out, Take-away
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    • Buka / Mama Put
    • Buka-Type
    • Cash only
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    • Thu08:00 am - 09:00 pm
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    • Sun12:00 pm - 06:00 pm
  • Cost

    ₦ 1,500 for 2 persons (approx.)

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Reviews for Stella's Kitchen

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    If you are familiar with computer village, the tech hub of west Africa, located in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, then you must also know Stella’s kitchen.

    It is located on Otigba street, just after the computer village police post. Even if you are not aware of the fact that there is a canteen around, the moment you are within the vicinity of Stella’s kitchen, the aroma in the air tells you immediately that you can satisfy your hunger cravings nearby. I have always know this place for close to 5 years but I never ventured in, due to the fact that the canteen is vey highly rated as only the top brass of the computer village market can afford to patronize this place regularly.

    On this fateful day, I had just finished a meeting around Ikeja and was really hungry so I decided to head to the “World Famous” Stella’s kitchen on Otigba.

    Getting there, I knew I was in for something different. The environment was very clean and tidy and you could smell the aroma of good food all around. I took a seat and a young man promptly came to take my order. I ordered for a plate of Iyan ( pounded yam ) and egusi soup with assorted meat. The food came few moments later and I settled in to the task ahead.

    The Iyan was flawless, soft, smooth as silk and without any koko. The egusi on the other hand did not taste as good as it smelt. In fact, it tasted like it was not fully cooked. I also noticed that the egusi soup did not have a single thin shred of dried fish or any other sort of accessories, it was flat out half cooked egusi. Well, I pretended to swallow and enjoy the food as everyone around me seemed to be having a good meal. I eventually finished the food and found out soon after that a plate of iyan with 2 meat and 1 bottle of water is N900 here.

    The assorted was good and tasty but it could have been a bit softer in my opinion.

    The next day after the meal, I found out the hard way that the egusi soup may have been cooked using what we call “white maggi” in Nigeria. I paid countless visits to the “white house” and lost weight in few hours. I told someone about this experience and they also recalled a similar experience. He said ” Their Iyan is the best but they lack good soup.

    Frankly, I think Stella’s kitchen is over rated, it’s really not worth all the hype as it holds nothing special or extra-ordinary when it comes to great tasting food. Feel free to visit and share your experience with us.

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