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93 Woji road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
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Reviews for Menage

  • I think Ménage is about the best restaurant in Port Harcourt by my assessment. Yes, their meals are a little bit expensive, but not outrageous, moreover their prices are not to be compared with most restaurants of their class as those are way higher than theirs. There meals are top notch, does not scratch my throat like Veroz. Yes, there fillet boneless grilled fish is N4000, and if you are a regular in most fine dining restaurants, you would have realized that such fish is a little on the high side especially the popular salmon fish.

  • I was at Menage at Woji Road GRA with my husband. We came around 2.20pm. I ordered for cob salad and fish. Can't remember the name but it has no bone, not fillet fish. It was grilled. My husband ordered for basaltic rice, vegetable and Same fish. I drank Chapman he drank fresh juice.

    We waited but the food did not arrive till 2.55, he left without eating cos he had a meeting. Finally mine arrived past 3 pm and I ate a little and demanded they wrap the rest which they did. I demanded for my bill which took them 10 mins. When I got angry an dstood to leave, they apologised and said their machine was having issues. I demanded they write the bill out and they told me my bill was 17,000 +. I complained it was outrageous and demanded for the break down. It took them another 10 mins and when they brought it, it was 15,950. I was surprised to see that I was billed 4,000 naira for a piece of fish.

    I think the price is inflated and if it's not the case, then your restaurant is too expensive and I don't think I can spend 15,000+ on 2 plates of food and 4,000 on a piece of fish when there is Veroz and co.

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