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  • 92b Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2018

    The dishes are pretty standard american food. e.g. hot wings. I didn't get a feel for the American "South" at all. The drinks however are FIRE. Take it easy when you drink them!
    The ambiance was very casual. Not a place that fills up often so you feel at ease to eat at your own pace. I thought the paintings they had of famous people dressed in nigerian fashions were pretty hilarious

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  • 12A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2018

    I can't sing this place's praises enough. Consistently tasty food. You always leave feeling like you spent your money on something of quality. I love the Senegalese twist on the main dishes. Get the suya, get the sweet corn bread, get everything! Both indoor and outdoor menus are delicious. Highly recommend

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  • 4B Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2018

    You come to this place more to see and 'be seen' than to eat good food. They have some fun events being hosted here at times and all the insta-famous people come out (see my pics).
    As for the food, it was really not good. The portions were very small and tasteless (but well presented). Worse than the food though was the service. I've never met more ill mannered waitresses in my life. Our waitress got our order wrong for all three of us, mixed up our drinks, and never apologized once. When we asked to speak the manager, the waitress actually hissed. Hissed!
    Other than to attend an event, I won't be coming back. If I do come back, it certainly won't be for the food or the service.

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