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  • 0908 561 4815
12A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Parking Roadside Parking
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  • Cost

    ₦ 15,000 for 2 persons (approx.)


NOK by Alara is a fine dining contemporary Pan-African restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos. NOK by Alara has reinvented the classics of African cooking, giving foods with which you're familiar, an innovative twist. Nestled within a lush, bamboo-framed garden, NOK by Alara is an intimate dining space displaying contemporary Art and Design from all over the continent.


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Reviews for Nok by Alara

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    6 reviews

    Great chapmans and great grill food. I especially liked the beef suya!

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    3 reviews1 helpful vote

    I can't sing this place's praises enough. Consistently tasty food. You always leave feeling like you spent your money on something of quality. I love the Senegalese twist on the main dishes. Get the suya, get the sweet corn bread, get everything! Both indoor and outdoor menus are delicious. Highly recommend

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    12 reviews1 helpful vote

    They got our attention with dinner, then they came back again with their lunch menu , now they have introduced the Nok by Alara Brunch menu. This is a restaurant after our hearts.

    One of the more popular items are the coconut pancakes. They take a popular brunch favourite and give it this extra dimension of flavour with coconut. These pancakes are so good they’ll make you feel like you woke up and you’re boyfriend made them for you.

    Someone intelligent once said brunch without alcohol is really just a sad, sad, breakfast. So of course alongside the brunch menu you’ll have their usual assortment of locally inspired cocktails.

    More important than the food, one of the best things about Brunch at Nok is the peacefulness of it all. Early Saturdays and Sundays are generally the least trafficked times in Lagos. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend those moments with someone special.

  • I’m a fan of David Adjaye’s works but that bias aside, everything about the architecture, interior decor, exterior decor right down to to the carefully picked, placed and reshuffled items on display make the place a work of art in its entirety.

    The food’s not bad, as well, however, the only time I had plantain here it certainly did NOT look anywhere as nice as what you have up here in one of the photographs! I was given itsy bitsy slices of soft plantain which were mainly black. The only thing that stopped the small serving from being burnt to a crisp was that they were really soft and the oil that they were fried in was obviously liberally poured.

    I like their cocktails. Back on the decor. I like all their furniture pieces and the basket lamp holders above the exterior bar. I think the entire building and its ambience does it more, for me, than the food.

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    15 reviews4 helpful votes

    I think I'm in love. They have actually good Chapman, not the watered down crap So many other places serve. Though I wanted to order the jerk chicken and they didn't have any, I was easily placated by the other delicious selections. Please order the snails. They're so soft and buttery, they just melt in your mouth. The chef clearly knows what he's doing. Then bite into the delicious thiebou jen. Absolutely perfect thiebou jen. It beats jollof rice hands down any day! Don't withdraw my Nigerian citizenship for saying it o but this is the superior dish by far!

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    19 reviews5 helpful votes

    The food and ambience was actually good but service can be slow and sub par sometimes. It is not cheap either

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    5 reviews2 helpful votes

    Beautiful ambience. Expensive food. Service declines when full though.

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    15 reviews4 helpful votes

    This is the probably the closet thing to fine dining for African food in Lagos. The food will challenge your perception of the Nigerian dishes you are used to eating. The new brunch menu is also very good.

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    12 reviews1 helpful vote

    Nok by Alara, Lunch

    You already know how much we love Nok by Alara. Although the restaurant itself no longer qualifies as ‘new’, it’s time for you to meet Nok by Alara, Lunch service.

    Lunch at Nok will be the highlight of your entire weekend. There is something refreshing about witnessing it’s entire glory in the the daylight. Of course dining outdoors in the artsy garden is off limits, unless you enjoy being roasted by the sun. So just walk by and admire the view, en route, to what promises to be a party in your mouth.

    Their menu for lunch service is also different. Some crowd pleasers include the guinea fowl spring rolls, chicken burger, and suya sandwich. Let us know what you’ve tried and liked in the comments section below.

    NOK has become this source of joy for so many Lagosians; you can’t help but feel part of an important story they are trying to tell. Who said African food can’t be made ‘fancy’, not true. Don’t miss NOK’s much anticipated CHEF’S TABLE trip around Africa.

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