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  • 35A Adetokunbo Ademola street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2017

    Due by Chef Dish – The name of the brand new restaurant Due pronounced “do-ey” means two in Italian. Now you’re probably getting excited at the prospect of another Italian restaurant in Lagos. Slow down, the two refers to the second restaurant in the Samantha Group (Samantha’s Bistro was first).

    HINT: It’s through a black gate in between Tantalizers and Chase Mall. Once you’re in the compound, Due is up the stairs!

    The menu, is rather distinctly not Italian but you will recognise similar themes from Samantha’s Bistro. It’s got that homemade feel. The whole restaurant is cozy, it’s the kind of place thats meant for specific people; your day ones, your main squeezes…you get the picture. Due is divided into two: the cafe area, with tall tables and seats as well as the less casual dining area with a love seat in the back that seats two perfectly.

  • 12A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2017

    They got our attention with dinner, then they came back again with their lunch menu , now they have introduced the Nok by Alara Brunch menu. This is a restaurant after our hearts.

    One of the more popular items are the coconut pancakes. They take a popular brunch favourite and give it this extra dimension of flavour with coconut. These pancakes are so good they’ll make you feel like you woke up and you’re boyfriend made them for you.

    Someone intelligent once said brunch without alcohol is really just a sad, sad, breakfast. So of course alongside the brunch menu you’ll have their usual assortment of locally inspired cocktails.

    More important than the food, one of the best things about Brunch at Nok is the peacefulness of it all. Early Saturdays and Sundays are generally the least trafficked times in Lagos. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend those moments with someone special.

  • 12A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Apr 2016

    Nok by Alara, Lunch

    You already know how much we love Nok by Alara. Although the restaurant itself no longer qualifies as ‘new’, it’s time for you to meet Nok by Alara, Lunch service.

    Lunch at Nok will be the highlight of your entire weekend. There is something refreshing about witnessing it’s entire glory in the the daylight. Of course dining outdoors in the artsy garden is off limits, unless you enjoy being roasted by the sun. So just walk by and admire the view, en route, to what promises to be a party in your mouth.

    Their menu for lunch service is also different. Some crowd pleasers include the guinea fowl spring rolls, chicken burger, and suya sandwich. Let us know what you’ve tried and liked in the comments section below.

    NOK has become this source of joy for so many Lagosians; you can’t help but feel part of an important story they are trying to tell. Who said African food can’t be made ‘fancy’, not true. Don’t miss NOK’s much anticipated CHEF’S TABLE trip around Africa.

  • Culinary Academy, 50 Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
    29 Mar 2016

    Tarragon Restaurant: Some of her staff would describe her as fiery, passionate, opinionated. All these descriptors translate onto her place, meet Tarragon, the brainchild of Chef Tiyana (of The Culinary Academy of Nigeria).

    This new restaurant, aside from possibly having the most romantic name in town, Tarragon, is one large party for foodies in Lagos. Every plate is “insta-worthy”.

    On opening night, Tarragon served a Prix Fixe menu at a whopping NGN25,000/head for 5 courses. After opening night it will revert to a typical a la carte dining…but it’s still going to be pricey

    Here’s a recap:

    Amuse Bouche – King Henry Potato. Leek infusions. Sweet & Savoury Cream, Olive. Tomato Profiterole
    Soup – Oven Roasted Tomatoes. Roasted Capsicum. Italian Basil. Chili Herb Emulsion. Saffon
    Cucumber – Tarragon Caviar. Garden Greens. Carrot Mousse. Green Apple Smoked Chicken
    Atlantic Pompano – Confit Pavé. Pomme 2 ways. Garden Greens. Carrots


    Herb Roasted Chicken – Rice Pilaf. Vegetable Garden. Blanc De Blanc Velouté
    Chocolate – Moist Chocolate. Rum Anglaise. Caramelized Cinnamon Apples. Red Currants.

    You should look forward to more dessert options, because their pastry chef is fantastic.

  • Park Place Mall, 76 Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
    15 Mar 2016

    There’s a new healthy spot in town. Yipeeee! Eat Green Restaurant Lagos is the “yummy way to healthy”. It’s perfect if you want to step out to relax with a colleague or a friend during your lunch break. We love that they have clean eating options to suit any diet. Even better, they are very open to amendments to your order in order to cater to your nutrition needs. It’s definitely worth noting that their menu has options for people that are not about that fitfam life.

    What you’ll love: Chicken and Avocado Wrap, Sweet Potato Fries and Orange juice.

  • 2 Olawale Dawodu (Webb) Road, Off Kingways Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
    02 Mar 2016

    Wine in Lagos - There are not too many places in Lagos where wine takes centre stage. Meet Liquid Hub by Spronks, a space is entirely devoted to Wines, Cocktails, and Coffee.

    Imagine this: you’ve just finished having dinner at Samantha’s Bistro with amazing company, but you don’t want the night to end. Now you can take a little stroll down to this fabulous establishment to share a great bottle of wine. They also sell wine by the glass, but don’t do that, buy the bottle…you’ll probably enjoy it more. The best bit about this space? The owner takes wine seriously.

  • La Pointe, 4A Akin Olugbade Street, Off Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    02 Mar 2016

    La Pointe Café is finally open. You’ll love it. It’s beautiful, peaceful, affordable, and best of all it’s simple. Lagos needs more of that. You’ll love how the whole La Pointe experience seems to be designed around discovery and love and pleasure.

    Akin Olugbade is becoming quite an interesting street, with Art Café, and Nok…but there is something homely about La Pointe Café. Now your weekly shopping at the most beautiful supermarket in Lagos can become this wonderfully relaxing experience by simply spending 30 minutes reading something in this gorgeous space. After a few minutes there, it feels like you ended up, exactly where you were supposed to. It’s homely, charming and welcoming. You’ll love it. And because you’ve been craving Starbucks coffee, La Pointe decided to make Starbucks their house brew.

    While you sip your coffee or tea, try one of their delicious pastries.

    PS…we can’t wait for the Restaurant upstairs to open, we’ll keep you posted

  • 22b Musa Yar'Adua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    15 Feb 2016

    This new bakery makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to Versailles . There is something royal about the draped green curtain, and the lacey table cloths. Although the space itself is quite simple, it makes you feel like something majestic is about to happen. And indeed it does. Enter, the baked goods, quite possible the very best you’ll have in Lagos.

    On special request they can offer an afternoon tea service or you can try their freshly squeezed juice of the day on your way out. If you’re a tea person, look out for their selection of Fortnum and Mason teas.

  • Mega Plaza Mall, 14 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    06 Feb 2016

    Something about Craft Gourmet Lagos by Lou Baker will remind you of the Ladurée café in Harrods. It feels just as charming.

    The white open space, simple decor, abundance of light, and the menu lets you see straight through the philosophy of the place which is perhaps to keep things simple, tasteful, and delicious. The staff are friendly and attentive. The whole place feels like a breath of fresh air in a part of Victoria Island that is otherwise choked up.

    It’s also entirely possible that when you go there, you will find yourself surrounded by french speaking people and then you will really feel the magic. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of Francais?

  • Water Corporation Road, Near the Landmark Center, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2016

    Hard Rock Café Lagos is one hell of a cool space. It is a little difficult to locate admittedly, (It’s actually inside the compound where Landmark building is in Oniru Estate), but when you do, you won’t be disappointed.

    The décor and the menu stays true to the Hard Rock Franchise. And of course there is something electric about the whole place. How many other restaurants in Lagos have seating on two levels, with a balcony overlooking downstairs.

    You’ll enjoy Hard Rock Café most when you go for afterwork drinks with friends. The poolside area outside (although it wasn’t opened at the time this was published) is gorgeous. It’s easy going and unpretentious. How original in Lagos.

  • 14A Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    21 Jan 2016

    The new-ish, No Frills Restaurant, 411 Restaurant Lagos is a perfect example of the fact that sometimes, you just have to stick with what you know

    It opened late last year and doesn’t include anything on the menu you haven’t seen before. This is not necessarily a bad thing. 411 located on top of the also new Nitro Club and has both an indoor and open air space.

    For after-work drinks, this space is perfection. With its long comfortable couches outside, you can sit as close together or as far from your friends as you want. The art work is off kilter, but that also makes it interesting. 411, is a no fuss good time. Check it out.

  • Alibert Building, 19A Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
    05 Jan 2016

    Oh how you love it when there’s a new spot to try out, especially if you think you’ve seen it all in Lagos. It’s good to remain hopeful. Casper and Gambini’s Lagos is a real thing now. You seriously can’t miss it. It’s on the same street where Rhapsody’s is (and the same spot where Vannessa’s use to be. Let’s hope it has a bit more luck than Vanessa’s. Like most restaurants in Lagos, the space is beautiful, but what about the food?

    Here are some tips on How to enjoy the C&G’s from our experience there.

    1) Nigerian Food is not their forté – Chicken pepper soup was more like broth that should be used for the base of a stew than the commanding soup it ought to be. Likewise, stay away from pseudo-nigerian food )aka prawn suya – this is not a real thing, so you can imagine it was mediocre.

    2) If wine is your poison of choice, order the bottle. The wine by the glass was a bit suspect.

    3) Be patient with the waiters. As with every restaurant in this city, the waiters seem to have very little idea about the food they are selling. If you have questions, feel free to go to management.

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