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Culinary Academy, 50 Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
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Tarragon is the in house Restaurant at Culinary Academy led by Executive Chef Tiyan Alile. The two unique dining styles include the exquisite A la Carte Menu and a Chef's Tasting Menu designed by her team as well as a live demonstration cooking.

The Menu exemplifies Fundamental French and Nigerian techniques which have been redefined to suit modern palates and epitomises the creativity which Chef Tiyan encourages her students to assume.

Tarragon serves as a hands-on training facility for Culinary Academy’s aspiring chefs, waiters and service staff as the training approach involves immersion in a real world experience which serves as a springboard to career paths.

Tarragon is open Tuesday - Saturday 12noon -3pm for Lunch and 6pm-9pm for Dinner


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Reviews for Tarragon

  • A definite MUST TRY! Tarragon Restaurant is the accompanying restaurant of the Culinary Academy. Headed by Chef Tiyan Alile, everything about this restaurant is quaint, beautiful and oh so enjoyable.

    Right from the decor of the restaurant, the ambience is very warm and inviting; Perfect for a lovely romantic night out or a night of casual dining with the ladies. Definitely fitting for the fine dining market that they are targeting.

    The menu is kept simple, but you can see the exquisite effort that has been placed in each one. For example, a simple tomato soup has been transformed to a blend of tomato, capsicum with infused basil chili herb and Saffron. Just reading the description makes one salivate.

    Absolutely a delightful night! Right from the drinks down to the desserts. Tried the Sexy Lips cocktail and it was delightful! Perfect balance of the spiciness and heat of the whiskey to the sweetness of the apple juice. We had soups for starters and picked the Tomato and Butternut Squash Soup. We were in for a ride! The tomato soup had delightful layers of flavors, while the butternut squash had an awesome surprising punch! The spiciness of the cumin was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the Onion Crinkle and it was creamy and so lovely!

    We went with the Beef and and Atlantic Pompano for mains….. and the rollercoaster of flavors continued. Everything was seasoned to perfection…. and mind you, the service was absolute spot on as well. The first fish that was served was slightly underdone and the chef was prompt to step out of her kitchen and set right out to rectify any issues. It is not hard to see what got her so successful. Her attention to detail and service is exactly what would keep me coming back to this restaurant.

    And i’m not even done with the desserts yet! We had the trio of Tarragon desserts and it left us scraping the plates for more! In particular, the creme brulee was TO DIE FOR. No idea what was used to create the nice balance of heat in the Creme Brulee but the layers of flavor was exceptionally good and interesting.

    Needless to say, we would most definitely be back again. Really wish the portions were bigger. The night left us yearning for more.

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    I tried out Tarragon when they'd just opened and I was flabbergasted through out the experience. The experience of getting our food was like film show...we arrived at 5pm, placed our orders by 5:15pm and like joke, like joke, dessert finally showed face at almost 12am. I kid you not.
    I actually snoozed off while waiting for each course to show up. I am usually not that patient.
    Besides spending my entire evening waiting for the food to show up, each dish was a disappointment. Either lukewarm, lack of seasoning, missing ingredients, or over salted. Too much wahala.
    The only selling point about the place was the decor, but that's besides the koko of the matter. I will try them out again when I hear good reviews from reliable sources.

  • From the immaculate polishing of the cutlery to the well trained staff to the artful presentation and the all important sublime taste. My experience at Tarragon was like Food Hedonism. Like I had died and gone to French Food Heaven. I recommend this. Keep it up guys!

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    Tarragon Restaurant: Some of her staff would describe her as fiery, passionate, opinionated. All these descriptors translate onto her place, meet Tarragon, the brainchild of Chef Tiyana (of The Culinary Academy of Nigeria).

    This new restaurant, aside from possibly having the most romantic name in town, Tarragon, is one large party for foodies in Lagos. Every plate is “insta-worthy”.

    On opening night, Tarragon served a Prix Fixe menu at a whopping NGN25,000/head for 5 courses. After opening night it will revert to a typical a la carte dining…but it’s still going to be pricey

    Here’s a recap:

    Amuse Bouche – King Henry Potato. Leek infusions. Sweet & Savoury Cream, Olive. Tomato Profiterole
    Soup – Oven Roasted Tomatoes. Roasted Capsicum. Italian Basil. Chili Herb Emulsion. Saffon
    Cucumber – Tarragon Caviar. Garden Greens. Carrot Mousse. Green Apple Smoked Chicken
    Atlantic Pompano – Confit Pavé. Pomme 2 ways. Garden Greens. Carrots


    Herb Roasted Chicken – Rice Pilaf. Vegetable Garden. Blanc De Blanc Velouté
    Chocolate – Moist Chocolate. Rum Anglaise. Caramelized Cinnamon Apples. Red Currants.

    You should look forward to more dessert options, because their pastry chef is fantastic.

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