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  • 1 Adeola Hopewell, Off Sanusi Fafunwa, Victoria Island, Lagos
    23 Apr 2019

    I enjoy eating at L'Afric when I travel home. From the finger foods to the main dishes, the food is always tasty and one always feels comfortable and at home. This is one of the very few places I feel safe enough to eat African snails outside my own home. I enjoy the music selection and the staff are quite effecient in providing services, as is their friendly manager who's done a good job in making both friends and strangers very welcome enough to return.

    I will definitely return to patronize L'Afric as well as recommend them.

  • 45 Issac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos
    23 Apr 2019

    I've only eaten here once or twice, but their food was definitely tasty, although the prices were slightly higher than other eateries, but for the quality of the food which may make this acceptable.
    I'd probably try out their VI location which I passed by on my last trip on a future trip and then try to return to make another review.

  • 20 Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos
    23 Apr 2019

    A family member recommended this location where she used to order food for convenience and I remember eventually trying out mostly just snacks which I found tastier when the owner first relocated to Nigeria. Years later I ordered rice dishes a few times, but it wasn't until I visited that neighbourhood more on recent trips that it was very evident that some things definitely stuck out.

    First of all, the food at Chefvys was definitely tastier, I definitely preferred their food to their competitor's around the corner and I had never suffered food poisoning eating any of their food. The crew is always friendly, the bathroom's always clean, which is usually an indicator of a restaurant's kitchen.

    I tend to stick to simple dishes of rice during my travel home, and the food dishes I've tried are always tasty, and I tend to order mostly fish and sometimes beef with tthe rice. Sometimes though the Jollof rice was a little oily, but this is not a constant problem and a forgivable concern. For the first time, on my last trip, I tasted the "Efo Riro" (vegetable stew) a food dish I usually avoid eating outside my own house and was pleasantly surprised it was quite tasty. I tried it out 1 or 2 more times before travelling back and would definitely try it again on a future trip home.

    The owner is definitely a pride to those who choose the safety and satisfaction of her patrons over financial gain. The food choices at Chefvys have expanded without necessarily compromising the quality of dishes and on my last trip home, I realized new locations have been opened.

    I would definitely recommend this eatery.

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