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Angle Villa Restaurant

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  • 0818 888 4440
1 Ogbunike Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
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    Dine Out, Drinks & Nightlife
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    • Bar & Lounge
    • Fine Dining
    • PoS
    • Romantic
    • Wifi
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  • Cost

    ₦ 8,000 for 2 persons (approx.)

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Reviews for Angle Villa Restaurant

  • Every time i’ve gone there has has been a good decision. Solid building, nice design and tasteful interior and exterior decor.

    I’ve found the food that I have had there to be nice most of the time but the service can be just a tad slow especially when, surprisingly enough, it comes to bringing the bill.

  • I believe in breakfast, it’s the one meal that sets the tone for the day. If you have a good breakfast, you will be less prone to being oversensitive or grumpy for the rest of the day. That said, I hardly ever enjoy the luxury of a breakfast during weekdays. Maybe we can all blame it on living in a fast paced city such as Lagos. So during the weekends, I don’t joke o, I treat myself to a fantastic breakfast. So this weekend two of my girls and I went eating at a boutique hotel which also has a fine restaurant, it’s called Angle Villa.

    You get welcomed by a wooden main gate and quickly notice the classy and consistent use of premium wood throughout the restaurant.

    From the vintage mini double doors that lead to the outdoor seating area, to the tables, floors, etc. My friends and I immediately fell deeply in love with the sophisticated, cozy, yet homely feel of the interior.

    So here’s my premature verdict, if the food doesn’t bring you back to this place, the ambience will!
    The breakfast options are very limited but difficult to choose from especially because they had very interesting options to pick from.

    Really, I can make any of these meals at home so I swerved and decided to pick one of the two intercontinental breakfast options which both costs ₦4,000. I did not pick the “Full English” option, I settled for a meal called “American Way”, which constituted a stack of butter pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, served with toast, and a glass of juice.

    It’s been ages since I rushed breakfast o, this was one of those times when I didn’t raise my head until I had cleaned up the contents of my plate. Those buttered pancakes…Lord! While I was spreading the honey syrup over each pancake, memories of my childhood stayed at the fore of my mind. As I reminisced about all of those beautiful mornings my Dad woke me up to fluffy and delicious pancakes, I regretted growing up…Sigh! How I miss those days!

    My friend ordered the Mediterranean chicken (a main course) which equally tasted really nice and veggies were cooked right. My friend also ordered spicy chicken wings which tasted really nice, but the jollof rice to go with it, was too dry, in my opinion.

    My meal was served with a glass of fruit juice from a pack NOT fresh natural juice which would have been ideal. Although I was already warned of this by the waiter, I still went…ewwwwwww

    The music, interior design aesthetics and fragrance of the restaurant really got me. You could tell that the interior decorator put a lot of thought into designing this space, because of the apparent attention to detail and creative use of certain items. e.g chains used as blinds to allow for natural light to sieve in. Like Nigerians say, I sure say this better soup, nah plenty money cook am….lol

    The service was almost impeccable and although I’d like to give the management a pat on the back for this, I kind of feel the waiter did so well because there was no one else there when we arrived. I’d like to hear from you what the service was like, when you get to visit this restaurant. Overall, I will definitely recommend Angle Villa to anyone. The outdoor seating option is perfect for a cool evening hangout.

    If you plan to visit Angle Villa, budget between ₦6-10k per person. The day I visited with my friends, our joint bill came up to about ₦12,0000 for just a main course meal and water.

    This place is sort of difficult to locate so asides including the map below, allow me to flex my descriptive skills a bit. So if you know Maven homes at Admiralty way, then you are just a stone thrown away from Angle Villa. Take the turn into the road beside Maven homes, then take the first turn left into Wole Olateji street. Just a very short drive into Wole Olateji, you will get to a T-junction, take a turn to the right and look out for wooden gate. You have arrived your destination.

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